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Great American Director Arthur Penn dies at 88

Arthur Penn died on Tuesday 28 September aged 88. He rocketed to fame with, for the time, extremely violent Bonnie and Clyde and subsequently made classics such as Little Big Man, Alice’s Restaurant, Night Moves; the great westerns, Left Handed Gun and The Missouri Breaks; and the wonderful ensemble piece The Chase. Great with actors, he could also direct great action.

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David Peace

Title: David Peace
Location: Showroom, Sheffield
Link out: Click here
Description: David Peace is the acclaimed author of the Red Riding Quartet, The Damned United, Tokyo Year Zero and Occupied City. His portrayal of the miner’s strike, GB84, which won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 2005, is a powerful novel that is a ‘fiction based upon a fact’. He continues on this topic in the book No Redemption in which he provides the words for photographs taken by Keith Pattison charting the events during 1984-85 in the community of the Durham Coalfield. A chance to hear one of Britain’s finest writers talk about his work and this significant time in recent history, interviewed by Bill Lawrence
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2010/10/12

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John Woodward, UK Film Council resigns

Chief Executive of the UK Film Council, John Woodward, announced his resignation today, to leave the organisation early November 2010. The UKFC is currently scheduled to be wound up by March 2012, but rumours suggest that March 2011 may be forced. Last week, it was said that all links with the British Film Institute would be cut by April 2011. Currently, government funding reaches the BFI from DCMS via the UKFC.

UKFC website

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Sofia Coppola wins Golden Lion at Venice

Sofia Coppola won the Golden Lion this weekend for her latest film, Somewhere. Jury President Quentin Tarantino said “This film won the prize unanimously  – it enchanted us from our first screening and it was even a situation where we would be talking about another film and arguing for another film and we’d start talking about that film again. It had the artistry we were looking for in a golden lion. I have to say that is my tremendous… momento…I have to say it is my tremendous honor to give the golden lion of the 67th Venice film festival to Sofia Coppola for Somewhere.”

Sofia Coppola: “After Marie Antoinette, which had so many costumes and extras, it was liberating to have a smaller crew and so something closer to my experience with Lost in Translation. This was the most low-stress, pleasant shoot I’ve ever had.

For me, this was a good experiment; centering a movie around just two characters, focusing on their intimate story and also spending a lot of time with one [of them] alone. I didn’t want [anyone watching the movie] to be aware of the filmmaking, so you can just be there with the character.”

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Claude Chabrol Dies at 80

The great French auteur Claude Chabrol has died at the age of 80, emulating his hero Alfred Hitchcock who also died at 80 just over 30 years ago. Chabrol made over 50 films in his long career, many of them thrillers and was awarded a Golden Bear at Berlin in 1959. For more information see

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