The Ambulance Man – The Journey Begins


Ambulance Man



Over the last 20 years, John Shackleton (‘Shack’) has gone on 44 incredible adventures, travelling to places such as Kosovo, Afghanistan and Georgia, crossing continents, dodging armed guards and delivering much needed food, toys and medical supplies to the innocent victims of poverty, conflict and natural disasters everywhere.

‘The Ambulance Man’ is a real life road movie following John on his epic trek across to Ukraine planned for May 2016 and splicing footage of his travels with interviews from his friends and family.

The doc will be an offbeat and engrossing celebration of both John and his work.

‘The Ambulance Man’ will be my attempt to capture the essence of what Shack does in a film that can be shown at festivals all around the world and that will hopefully go on to have a further life on TV, DVD and VOD, too.

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