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Online Discussion: Graduation

Online Discussion: Graduation (Bacalaureat)

Wednesday 2 September, 7pm

Director Cristian Mungiu won a Cannes ‘Best Director’ Award for this film but it took nearly a year to reach the UK. Overseas sales are essential for Romanian films since their home market generates few cinema admissions.

Ironically, with British cinemas struggling to attract audiences back after Covid-19, this film on All4 has suddenly become topical.

The plot involves a respected surgeon whose daughter experiences a physical assault on her way to school during her final exams. Failure to get high grades is likely to scupper her chances of getting to a university in London.

What can her father do to help? He knows a few people and he has a high standing but will his attempts to intervene lead to charges of corruption?

An example of what was dubbed the ‘Romanian New Wave’, when several realist films exploring social issues in Romania emerged in the 2000s, Graduation is a complex and richly layered drama.

These films have often been described as showing how a society struggles to make the move from a communist dictatorship to free market capitalism, but the incidents in the film don’t seem that out of place in contemporary Britain.

Screening notes will be available.

The film is also available, without adverts, on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes for £3.49

This event is free of charge but we ask that you book your place as numbers are limited.

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