The Lunchbox and Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan died aged only 53.

His death was mourned not only in India, where he was acknowledged as both a gifted actor and a fan favourite, but also worldwide after his appearances in a string of Hollywood blockbusters.

In his career lasting just 34 years, Irrfan had around 150 credits across films and TV. What made his acting unique was his ability to switch effortlessly between all the different kinds of films produced in India and both blockbusters and more personal independent films in the West.

The Lunchbox (India 2013) was undoubtedly one of Irrfan’s triumphs, a film that was popular in India and successful as a specialised film in the UK and US and worldwide. It has recently screened on Hong Kong TV and is still gathering appreciative audiences.

Our event will offer an overview of Irrfan’s career and explore the different kinds of performances he was capable of making before focusing closely on his role in The Lunchbox as a tentative hero of a possible romance. 

The Lunchbox is currently streaming on MUBI and on BBC iPlayer (until June 7th) so it should be accessible to everybody. The event will also consider his performances in films like The Life of PiThe NamesakeSlumdog Millionaire and others.

The Warrior (2000), directed by Asif Kapadia and Irrfan’s first starring role, is screening on Film4, Monday 18 May at 11.15pm.


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