A Dozen Summers

A Dozen Summers 6Dir. Kenton Hall GB 2015 81 mins PG
Scarlet Hall, Hero Hall, Kenton Hall, Sarah Warren, Colin Baker, Ewan MacIntosh
Format: DVD, Blu-Ray, DCP




It’s Their Movie. You’re Just Paying For The Tickets.


Maisie and Daisy McCormack are two, ordinary twelve-year-old girls trying to make their way through the minefield of life in the 21st century. Which, as far as their concerned, is largely a case of trying to work out why grown-ups behave so oddly on such a regular basis.

When they interrupt a children’s adventure story in progress, by scaring off the narrator, they hijack the film and proceed to tell the story of their own lives, through the lens of the movies they’ve seen.

They take us on a journey through their day-to-day life, dealing with bullies, boyfriends, school (with added werewolves and vampires) and they need to do it all before the story they interrupted re-asserts itself. It’s a race against time – and Maisie and Daisy are learning it’s not necessarily a race they can win.


“A brilliant coming-of-age comedy drama” – Films and Things

“A Zesty And Vibrant Comedy For The Whole Family.” – Movies in Focus 

“4 Stars. Funny, the tiniest bit naughty, and, above all, honest.” – ScreenRelish

“This hilarious film pays tribute to the imagination and kind-heartedness of childhood whilst respecting it” – The Grade


A Dozen Summers – Official Trailer from Kenton Hall on Vimeo.


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