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Opens  May 2014


Produced by Scenario Films


Dir. Gareth Jones GB 2013 101 mins

starring Tim Dutton, Jeanne Balibar, Sue Jones- Davies, Naomi Everson


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Delight is the second part of Gareth Jones trilogy that started with Desire, released in 2010.

Delight had its World première at Moscow International Film Festival June 2013 where it was nominated for the Golden St George.   UK Première was 28th September at Cambridge Film Festival.

The trilogy will conclude with Denial and conclude  Gareth Jones’ exploration of the connections between creativity and libido.

Having probed the terrors of writer’s block in DESIRE, Jones turns his attention to another creative impasse: the human cost of journalistic reportage.

Stranded in a remote Welsh village, a former war photographer’s intense love affair with a younger man propels her into exorcising the ghosts of her past. She goes looking for her one-time lover and comrade-in-arms, only to fall into a passionate relationship with his son. But sexual abandon triggers the unravelling of a trauma she has long buried for the sake of her children, which now threatens to tear their lives apart. Can eros bring a healing of trauma, or merely its repetition?

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