Eyes on the Sky


Mirant al Cel
Dir. Jesus Garay Catalonia 2008 83 mins

Cast: Paolo Ferrari, Gabriela Flores, Manuel Bronchud



We have a 35mm with English subtitles is available for bookings in the UK – £100 vs 35%

In some cases we will be able to arrange speakers to talk at an event, and we have links to Catalans throughout the UK.

Recently screened at the ICA London and took over £1,000 with a single screening.

Maria is a documentary filmmaker who is investigating the fascist bombing of Barcelona in 1938. Her research focuses on two people, an air defence fighter, Manel, and one of the pilots Mario. Now in old age, Mario is visiting Barcelona for a conference on Dante’s Inferno and Maria is determined to challenge him about his role in the bombings. Jesus Garay skilfully combines reality and fiction in a moving essay on memory and guilt.

Some feedback from the audience:

‘Many thanks for inviting me to the screening of your excellent film Mirant al Cel yesterday evening about the bombing of Barcelona in the Spanish Civil War’

‘A powerful and very unusual film and a good Q+A to follow’

‘A success with the audience’

‘After all that we have seen and heard, the closing scenes, and the beautiful reading that the professor gives from the opening of the Inferno, are painfully touching, speaking for all who have been lost. For the second time this Festival, I was moved to tears just by that simplicity.’

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