Folie a Deux – A Madness Made of Two


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Opened 4 October


Produced by Labour of Love Films

Dir. Kim Hopkins GB 2012 101 mins

Folie à Deux – a Madness Made of Two is a documentary, a quintessentially English tale with a universal message. Prophetic and surprisingly humorous. Shot over five years and set in Gray’s Court, York, the oldest house in England, this film is an intimate portrayal of a large, bohemian family with all the ups and downs of daily life. It is also an intriguing insight into England’s history and a nail-biting journey through the economic crash and the biggest gamble in life. This is the human cost of the banking crisis.


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‘If Werner Herzog was to make a documentary about genteel British folk, Folie à Deux is probably close to how it would turn out.’ – Geoffrey MacNab, The Independent

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