Thursday 29 January – 7.30pm

Electricity 2014Dir. Bryn Higgins GB 2014 96 mins (15)
Agyness Deyn, Lenora Crichlow, Christian Cooke, Paul Anderson

An extraordinary performance from Agyness Deyn drives this compelling tale of a young woman’s search for her young brother. Lily suffers with epilepsy and lives her days avoiding fits and working in an amusement arcade in Saltburn, North Yorkshire. When her mother dies, her older brother sells the house and shares the proceeds. She demands they cut in their estranged sibling, lost in London. Bryn Higgins’ film uses dramatic impressionistic techniques to create the sense of Lily’s fits, but it is Deyn with her wide-eyed wonder and challenging Lily’s condition that draws in the audience on her journey.


“Agyness Deyn gives a blistering performance.” – Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard

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