Thursday 12 March – 7.30pm

Kon-Tiki 2012Dirs. Joachim Roenning, Espen Sandberg Norway 2012 114 mins (15) Some subtitles
Pål Sverre Hagen, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Agnes Kittlesen

The true story of ‘experimental archaeologist’ Thor Heyerdahl’s journey to prove, contrary to contemporary wisdom, that the Polynesian islands were not populated from the west, but from Peru in the east. In 1947, ignored by the scientific community, he set out on a balsa wood raft on an epic 5,000-mile journey guided only by the currents and with five companions; only one had ever been to sea before. This is splendid old-fashioned adventure filmmaking, a sheer joy in its set pieces and wonder at the genius or insanity that would make someone undertake such an extraordinary endeavour.




“A real Boys’ Own adventure story.” – Kirsty Lang, BBC Front Row




Listen to Reel Solutions Director Bill Lawrence talk about Kon-Tiki on BBC Front Row



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