The Fencer (Miekkailija)

the-fencerDir. Klaus Härö Estonia 2015 99mins (PG)
Lembit Ulfsak, Kirill Käro, Märt Avandi


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Kala Sangam, Bradford, 19 October, 7.30pm





Based on a true story, The Fencer is set in 1952 during the last years of Stalinism in the Soviet Union. Endel Nelis is a gifted fencer trying to remain out of sight as a teacher in a small town school in occupied Estonia. Like many Estonians he has a secret that would mean imprisonment if the Soviet authorities found out. His decision to offer fencing classes to his students has several consequences – some bad, some good. This is another heart-warming film, beautifully shot and with some excellent performances. Director Klaus Härö is recognised as one of Finland’s finest and this was the Finnish contender for the 2016 Foreign Language Oscar.




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