One Hour Intro: Isabelle Huppert as Actor and Star of International Cinema




Mechanics Institute, Bradford, 3 December, 13.15 – 16.30


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Isabelle Huppert is a major figure in French cinema with over 100 film productions to her name. What makes her such a ‘go to’ actor in France and for international productions?


We will offer a 1 hour exploration of ‘star image’ and her approach to film acting, followed by a full screening of Private Propertya family drama with Isabelle Huppert as the mother of two grown-up sons who live with her in a house bought for them by their father, now divorced from Huppert. She wants to sell the house against the wishes of her sons and their father.


This film has been highly praised for the acting performances of Isabelle Huppert and Jérémie Renier (as one of her sons) as well as the writing and direction of Joachim Lafosse.


“Huppert is inspired in the way she withdraws from confrontations and expresses her wishes enough to provoke others but never enough to realise them. An emotional balancing act showing such weakness takes a strong actress to pull it off.” Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times


“. . . too mesmerising to miss.” Andrew Sarris, New York Observer


Tickets prices are £9 full price and £6 concession, tea and coffee will be provided


Places are limited so please book online.


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