Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale


rare-exportsDir. Jalmari Helander 2010 84mins Finland/Norway/France/Sweden (15)
Jorma Tommila, Peeter Jakobi, Onni Tommila

8 December, Dean Clough, Halifax, 7.30pm


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In the Korvatunturi mountains of Lapland an American research team uncover something unearthly within an ancient burial mound.

At the same time hundreds of reindeer are killed, gnawed to the bone by wolves driven mad by explosions from the excavations – or was it wolves?

Local Rauno and his son Pietary set a trap in order to protect the remaining reindeer but when the trap is sprung on Christmas Eve, it’s not wolves they find in there.

Inspired by two internet short films, Jalmari Helander’s re-telling of the Santa Clause myth has comedy, tension and shocks…but we wouldn’t recommend bringing the kids!





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