Wide Screen Cinema

Bill Lawrence has been a promoter of the wonderful world of widescreen cinema since 1993. By widescreen we mean Cinerama, 70mm and the various ‘scope formats. Bill set up the Widescreen Weekend at the Bradford International Film Festival and brought Thomas Hauerlsev to help programme. Now Thomas and Bill promote Thomas’s extraordinary baby In70mm.com probably the finest archive of information on 70mm and Cinerama in the world.

We also help programme other widescreen Festivals around the world

Todd-AO festival at the Schauburg in Karlsruhe

If you are interested in 70mm or cinerama,  contact us to join our regular email list (now over 300 people worldwide) and be informed of what’s new in widescreen, find answers to your questions,  or put you in touch with like-minded fans of the great days of widescreen.




Bill and Thomas were also marginally involved with the production of Dave Stromaier’s


Cinerama adventure logo


How The West Was Won

James Stewart in How the West Was Won, Smilebox format.











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