Yorkshire Film Archive – Seasons

Reel Solutions worked with the Yorkshire Film Archive to promote its project, Seasons. Filmmaker Ed Torsney selected gems from the archive from over 16,000 cans of film – as well as video tape and digital media to create his impressions of autumn, winter, spring and summer. Each film is available to play in cinemas in the UK. For more information contact Reel Solutions or visit Ed Torsney’s website.



1. Autumn – released 1 October, 2010.

More than a hundred years of Autumn leaves have fallen since the dawn of film, this moving personal narrative centres on a woman as she journeys through the changes of the season, the celebrations, festivals and harvest; the changing climate and preparation for winter.


2. Winter – released 1 December, 2010.

There’s warmth in the heart of the Yorkshire winter, Christmas a time of family, loved ones and being together. The archive’s collection brings to life The Ghost of Christmas Past, in fond memory and joyous celebration.


3. Spring – released 1 February, 2011.

Time and love are intimately entwined, this poignant narrative takes place over many decades and charts the many ages of love, from first flush to eternity – these precious moments immortalised on film are brought together here in a stunning celebration of life’s most profound mystery.


4. Summer – released 1 April 2011.

As the season changes to summer the narrative takes us back to the traditional landscapes of beaches, family holidays, and the festivals and celebrations lasinting through the long summer months.



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