Matilda, Harry, Arrietty and Me


Harry Potter



How are well-known books adapted for the cinema? Who decides which books become films? How exactly is the written text adapted into the visual and sound medium that is film? How can you compare books with films? What power does the writer have? All these questions and more will be explored in this interactive study day which offers a brand new voyage into film through looking at a few well-known and favourite book adaptations from Matilda, through Harry Potter to Arietty.

The interactive morning session will start with consideration of what is a story: what are the main components, examining narrative structure through the seven story types which are arguably common to all stories and look at how characters are defined and crafted. Using examples of film clips, opening sequences, book extracts and scripts we will look at the main stages of story composition and how prose is transposed into script form, image and sound. There will be a range of activities for pupils and a resource pack for teachers. The afternoon screening will be one of the films used as part of the morning activities. Last year the screening was Arrietty.

Led by Geraldine Walker, Education Director of Reel Solutions. Contact us for more information.


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