The Characters – Adult Female


Under Milk Wood- Character list (Female).


A play for Voices.


Voice 1 & 2– Omniscient narrators. Their role is scene setting and continuity. Large reading parts of almost half the text.

Voice 1 male. Voice 2 probably female.


Adult Female Characters


Polly Garter

(20-40) – blonde, ample and comfy, loves all her men, and the consequent babies, quite indiscriminately. She knows her place in the world and is content.. During the day, she scrubs floors and sings of her lost love.

Mrs Pugh

(any age over 40) – She and Mr Pugh hate each other with an icy contemptuous passion and a cold poison, respectively. The nasty and undesirable wife of Mr. Pugh.

Gossamer Beynon

(20-30) – Cool schoolmistress, but keeps her lust for Sinbad to herself The schoolteacher (daughter of Butcher Beynon), dreams of a fox-like illicit love. During the day, she longs to be with Sinbad Sailors, but the two.

Mary Ann Sailors

(85) – the link to a former and simpler time 85 years old, dreams of the Garden of Eden. During the day she announces her age (“I’m 85 years, 3 months and a day!”) to the town.

Four Neighbours

(any age) – gossips. Doubling with Five Women – Mr Waldo’s dead former wives/lovers.

Lily Smalls

(teens) – the Beynon’s live-in help who has dreams of love and a fantasy life. She is the Beynons’ maid, but longs for a more exciting life.

Mae Rose-Cottage

(17) – dreams in anticipation of adult passion. Seventeen and never been kissed, she dreams of meeting her “Mr. Right”. She spends the day in the fields daydreaming, and unseen, draws lipstick circles around her nipples.

Mrs Dai Bread One

(30-50) – generously built, “nice to comfortable, nice to be nice”. Lives in a ménage-a-trios with Dai Bread and Mrs Dai Bread Two. Mrs. Dai Bread One – Dai Bread’s first wife, traditional and plain.

Mrs Dai Bread Two (30-50) – a hard bodied slinky gipsy. Lives in a ménage-a-trios with Dai Bread and Mrs Dai Bread One. Mrs. Dai Bread Two – Dai Bread’s second wife, a mysterious and sultry gypsy.

Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard

(over 40)  – obsessively clean and widow of Mr Pritchard and Mr Ogmore. Nags them both in death as she did in life. She refuses to let anyone stay at the guesthouse because of her extreme penchant for neatness.

Mrs Organ Morgan

(any age over 30) –A timid shop owner who dreams of “silence,” as she is disturbed during the day by Organ Morgan’s constant organ-playing.

Mrs Willy Nilly

(almost any age) – wife of the postman. She steams open all the town’s mail so that Willy Nilly, on his rounds, tell everyone about everyone’s news. who, because of her husband’s knocking upon her, dreams of being spanked by her teacher for being late for school. She assists Willy Nilly in steaming open the mail.

Rosie Probert

(25-40) – like Captain Cat’s former comrades she is long dead but haunts his memory. She is Captain Cat’s deceased lover, who appears in his dreams.

Miss Price

(30-45)  – The sweetshop-keeper who dreams of marrying Mog Edwards but she is a confirmed spinster who kids herself otherwise. She and Mr Edwards, own shops at each end of the town. The passion of their romance is in their letters; they never meet.

Bessie Bighead

(40-80) – gruff and unattractive and condemned to live alone. Hired help, dreams of the one man that kissed her “because he was dared”.

Mrs Beynon

(40 – 60) – believes every word her husband says about his supposed pet butchery and is hysterically horrified. Butcher Beynon’s wife, dreams of her husband being persecuted for selling “owl’s meat, dogs’ eyes, manchop.”

Mrs Cherry Owen

(any age over 40) – wife of Cherry Owen who loves him, drunk or sober, in equal measure. Cherry Owen’s devoted wife, who cares for him and delights in rehashing his drunken antics.


(20-40) – Young Waldo’s mother in his dream.

Mrs Utah Watkins

(over 30) – A ewe of a woman.


(20-50) – Mr Waldo’s last dead wife; hysterical.

Mr & Mrs Floyd

The cocklers, an elderly couple, seemingly the only couple to sleep peacefully in the village. They are mentioned only during the dream sequence.


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