The Characters – Adult Male


Under Milk Wood- Character list (Male)


A play for Voices.


Voice 1 & 2– Omniscient narrators. Their role is scene setting and continuity. Large reading parts of almost half the text.

Voice 1 male. Voice 2 probably female.

Adult Male Characters


Captain Cat

(70ish perhaps) – blind retired sea captain. He hears and comments on the activities of the townsfolk and their children. His world is his memories and his dreams of a former seafaring life. A sympathetic part. The old blind sea captain dreams of his deceased shipmates and lost lover Rosie Probert. He is one of the play’s most important characters, as he often acts as a narrator. He observes and comments on the goings-on in the village from his window.

Rev Eli Jenkins 

(any age over 30) – dreams of eisteddfodau, thinks himself a poet though his poetry is almost childlike. He recognises Llareggub’s many limitations and loves it all the more because of them.. Author of the White Book of Llareggub.

Cherry Owen

(any age over 30) – Jolly drunkard. Genuine mutual affection with Mrs Cherry Owen. Dreams of drinking, and yet is unable to as the tankard turns into a fish, which he drinks.


(any age under 40) – barman at the Sailors Arms. Loves Gossamer Beynon but without the courage to declare it. The barman, dreams of Gossamer Beynon, who he cannot marry because of his grandmother’s disapproval.

Mr Edwards

(30-45) – “I am a draper mad with love”; but what for? Miss Price as he declares, or really just for his own draper’s business; just a confirmed bachelor who kids himself otherwise. He and Miss Price, own shops at each end of the town. Their romance, however, is restricted strictly to the letters they write one another and their interactions in their dreams.

Mr Pugh

(any age over 40) – He and Mrs Pugh hate each other with a cold poison and an icy contemptuous passion respectively. Schoolmaster, dreams of poisoning his domineering wife. He purchases a book named “Lives of the Great Poisoners” for ideas on how to kill Mrs. Pugh; however, he does not do it.

Organ Morgan

(any age over 30) – A passion for organ playing and nothing else. The church organ player, has perturbed dreams of music and orchestras within the village. His obsession with music bothers his wife intensely.

Mr Waldo

(40 – 60) – 17 gentle snoring stone, a drunkard with many paternity suits against him, has been surrounded and dominated by women all his life. – rabbit catcher, barber, herbalist, cat doctor, quack, dreams of his mother and his many unhappy, failed marriages. He is a notorious alcoholic and general troublemaker, and is involved in an affair with Polly Garter.

Jack Black

(any age) – alone and aggressively sexually repressed. The cobbler, who dreams of scaring away young couples.

Lord Cut-Glass

(66) – manic, sees his death coming and so is obsessed with time. A  man of questionable sanity, who dreams of the 66 clocks that he keeps in his house.

Nogood Boyo

(under 40) – not bright, socially inept, shows “inappropriate behaviour”. A lazy young fisherman who dreams peevishly of ‘nothing’, though he later fantasizes about Mrs. Dai Bread Two in a wet corset. He is known for causing shenanigans in the wash house.

Willy Nilly

(almost any age) – The postman whose wife steams open all the town’s mail so that on his rounds so he can tell everyone about everyone’s news including their own before they read it. He dreams of delivering the post in his sleep, and physically knocks upon his wife as if knocking upon a door. In the morning they open the post together and read the town’s news so he can relay it around the village.

Five Drowned Sailors

(any age) – apparitions in Captain Cat’s dream.

Butcher Beynon

(40 – 60) – enjoys teasing his wife over his supposed pet butchery The butcher, dreams of riding pigs and shooting wild giblets. During the day he enjoys teasing his wife about the questionable meat that he sells.

Dai Bread

(30-50) – A baker, frenetic and “hairy little man with big pink lips” Lover of his two wives in ménage-a trios. The bigamist baker who dreams of harems.

Mr Ogmore and Mr Pritchard

(over 40) – dead former but separate husbands of, and nagged to death by, Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard. They dread their nightly encounters with her. Mr Ogmore – Deceased, was a linoleum salesman, late of Mrs. Ogmore-Pritchard. Mr. Pritchard – Deceased, failed bookmaker. He committed suicide “ironically” by ingesting disinfectant.

Utah Watkins

(over 40) – A farmer who hates his animals and who dreams of counting sheep that resemble his wife.

Ocky Milkman

(any age) – A snuffling little man who  dreams of pouring his milk into a river, ‘regardless of expense’.

P.C. Attila Rees

(over 30) – A bullish policeman (non-speaking) The policeman, relieves himself into his helmet at night, knowing somehow he will regret this in the morning.

Old Man

(very old).

Evans the Death

The undertaker, who dreams of his childhood. (any age).


(any age) – one liners.


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