Fame 1980

Dir. Alan Parker 1980 133 mins (15)
Lee Curreri, Irene Cara, Paul McCrane, Maureen Teefy, Barry Miller, Debbie Allen













On this day in 1980 US film musical Fame was released.

It was originally titled Hot Lunch until part-way through filming when director Alan Parker noticed a pornographic film screening on 42nd Street with the same name. For the rest of the filming schedule it was simply known as ‘title’ until the actual title came about.

The film proved to be a huge success and spawned a television of the same name that ran from 1982 – 1987 and starred some of the cast from the original film, mainly Lee Curreri and Debbie Allen.

The film won the following Academy Awards:

  • Academy Award – Best Original Score (Michael Gore)
  • Academy Award – Best Original Song “Fame” (Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford)

And following nominations:

  • Academy Award – Best Original Screenplay (Christopher Gore)
  • Academy Award – Best Sound (Michael J. Kohut, Aaron Rochin, Jay M. Harding, Christopher Newman)
  • Academy Award – Best Film Editing (Gerry Hambling)
  • Academy Award – Best Original Song “Out Here on My Own”

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