Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper

Born: 17 May 1936







Academy Award nominated actor and screenwriter Dennis Hopper was born on this day in 1936.

He made his film debut in Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and appeared in a second James Dean film Giant (1956). During the film of From Hell to Texas (1958) Hopper forced director Henry Hathaway to shoot the same scene over 80 times before finally following Hathaway’s direction. Once the film was complete Hathaway told Hopper that he would never work in Hollywood again.

Despite this Hopper got his first starring role in Night Tide (1961) and was later hired by John Wayne for a role in The Sons of Katie Elder (1956).

Hopper teamed up with Peter Fonda, Terry Southern and Jack Nicholson for Easy Rider (1969), a film with earned him a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award nomination. Following this he appeared in a number of low budget European films such as Mad Dog Morgan (1976) and The American Friend (1977), returning to prominence with a role in Apocalypse Now (1979).

During the 1980s he starred in Rumble Fish (1983) and The Osterman Weekend (1983), both of which were critically acclaimed performances. With his role in Blue Velvet (1986) Hopper’s career was back on track and his role in Hoosiers (1986) earned him a second Academy Award nomination, this time as Best Supporting Actor. Following this he moved into directing with the critically acclaimed Colors (1988).

In the 1990s he starred in the films True Romance (1993) and Speed (1994) and other films he is known for include True Grit (1969) and Cool Hand Luke (1967).

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