Dorothy Gibson

Dorothy Gibson

Born: 17 May 1889
Died: 17 February 1946











Actress Dorothy Gibson was born on this day in 1889.

Her career in film began in 1911 and her first starring role was in Hands Across the Sea (1911). This was followed by films such as Miss Masquerader (1911) and Love Finds a Way (1912). She was popular with audiences and became one of the first film actresses to promoted as a ‘star’.

Dorothy’s biggest role was that of playing herself in Saved from the Titanic (1912). Dorothy had been on board the ill fated ship, returning from a six week trip to Italy with her mother. They both escaped in Lifeboat #7 and once safely in New York, Dorothy was persuaded by her manager to star in the film. She not only played the role of herself but she wrote the scenes and even wore the same outfit from the night Titanic sank. The film was released a month after the sinking and became the first of many about the disaster.

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