Day School: A Woman’s World in the Films of Pedro Almodóvar



Saturday 21st January, 10.30 – 4.30 pm

Mechanics Institute Library, Bradford

Tutor: Roy Stafford


Pedro Almodóvar’s latest film Julieta (Spain 2016) was the biggest foreign language film at the UK cinema box office last year (excluding Bollywood) and the DVD is now available for anyone who missed it. Adapted from short stories by the Canadian writer Alice Munro it returned Almodóvar to the narratives with central female characters which had previously served his most popular films such as All About My Mother (1999) and Volver (2006).

This day school will look back across Almodóvar’s career and explore how and why the director’s fascination with ‘strong’ female characters developed. The study will include a full screening of The Flower of My Secret (La flor de mi secreto, 1995).



Described by critics as a key Almodóvar film, The Flower of My Secret marks a significant shift towards the director’s more ‘mature’ style that has so entranced international audiences. It features one of his collection of leading female stars. Marisa Paredes plays a would-be literary novelist who actually makes her living writing romantic fiction under a pseudonym.

This role immediately foregrounds the female melodrama form which became associated with Almodóvar. We need to look further back for the roots of this style and earlier versions of similar characters then forward to the later box office triumphs to fully appreciate the director’s achievement.

The day promises colour, glamour and outrageous designs, high emotion, surrealism and absurdity – and tragedy and comedy. What more could you want?

Tea and coffee will be provided and there are places nearby to buy lunch, although people are welcome to bring their own lunches.

Tickets: £14 and £9 (Concessions)

Book online or Pay on the Door.



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