Day School: Films Noirs/Melodramas in British Cinema of the late 1940s.



Mechanics Institute Library, Bradford

Saturday 23 September, 10.30am – 4.30pm

Tutor: Roy Stafford


The Hollywood film noir of the 1940s is a very popular genre but many film fans don’t realise that the concept of film noir had an international dimension. At the high point of British cinema in the late 1940s many fascinating films featured the stylistic and thematic elements familiar from American films. Themes included post-war trauma, migrants and refugees, spivs and the black market and struggles to return to settled family life. Sensational melodramas were hugely popular and many utilised a noir visual style.  

The day will feature extracts and a feature (title tbc).

Tea and coffee are available in the Mechanics Institute Library. There are places nearby to buy lunch and you are also welcome to bring your own lunch.

Tickets are £14 and £9 concessions.


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