Day School: How to Read a Film



Mechanic’s Institute Library, Bradford

Saturday 20 January, 10.30am – 4.30pm

Tutor: Roy Stafford


Film studies has developed several ways to approach film analysis. Textual analysis involves searching for meanings in how sounds and images are presented in a narrative – in effect ‘reading’ a film ‘as a film’ (rather than, for example, as a novel or a play). This involves considering mise en scène (what can be arranged for the camera), acting styles, lighting and camerawork and editing of sound and vision.

We’ll work through various contrasting examples of how meaning is produced in clips from different films before analysing a case study film in detail. The Page Turner (La tourneuse de pages, France 2006) is an acclaimed psychological thriller (Cert 15) which will provide us with plenty of material. Déborah François is the young woman of the title, but is she really there to help pianist Catherine Frot?

Tea and coffee are available in the Mechanics Institute Library. There are places nearby to buy lunch but you are also welcome to bring your own.

Tickets are £14 and £9 concessions.


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