Day School: How Do We Define A Film Genre?



Mechanic’s Institute Library, Bradford

Saturday 14 April, 10.30am – 4.30pm

Tutor: Roy Stafford


This will be our second ‘concepts’ event. The term ‘genre‘ is now used in everyday speech but not everyone uses it in the same way and within the film industries and in film scholarship it has quite precise meanings which, however, also change over time.

We will consider the different ideas about genre and we’ll focus on the broad generic category of the Thriller and on one specific sub-genre, the paranoia thriller. Is it distinguishable from the psychological thriller? What about the conspiracy thriller or the political thriller? We’ll investigate the similarities and differences and perhaps why such films are popular at particular times. There will be a mystery feature screening which we can use to test out our ideas.

Tea and coffee are available in the Mechanics Institute Library. There are places nearby to buy lunch and you are also welcome to bring your own lunch.

Tickets are £14 and £9 concessions.


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