Thursday 21st October, 7pm

Capernaum (Lebanon 2018) is the third film directed by Nadine Labaki and in some ways represents her international breakthrough with the Cannes Jury Prize, an Oscar Nomination and numerous awards around the world.

The film has high critical ratings and evidence of great audience enthusiasm, but it has also been the subject of some of controversy about its presentation of poverty and living conditions among refugees in Lebanon.

In one sense an almost neo-realist tale of life on the streets for a young boy (played by a Syrian refugee actor) and the characters he meets, Labaki also uses the more surprising device of an attempt by the boy to sue his parents for neglect.

There is plenty to discuss about the presentation of the story and what Nadine Labaki hoped to achieve. A set of detailed notes on the background to the film will be available for our Zoom Event on Thursday 21st October starting at 7pm.

Capernaum is currently available free to stream on All4 (with adverts). It is also available to rent on a host of streamers such as Amazon, Apple, Curzon, BFI etc.

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